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Available required professional development:

Available scholarships for ECE Professionals:

  • T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship information at PACCA.org

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  apply now  Registry Permission Group Application
You will have access to the:

Professional Development Plan Compliance Report-allows you to see if each staff member has completed their Professional Development Plan.
Professional Development Forecasting Report-allows you to see what Knowledge Areas have been targeted as Professional Development needs.
Transcript Report-a detailed report of completed Professional Development courses of each staff member. 

 To apply online later:

1. Log in to the Portal at www.pakeys.org.
2. On the Portal page in the left hand menu, click “Registry Permission Group Application”.
3. Please read the documents in the “Policies & Procedures” box before proceeding.
4. Select the type of administrator for which you are applying.
5. Confirm that the given information is correct.
     If the information is incorrect, select that tab and you will be taken to my Profile, where you are able to update everything and save changes. Click on 
     “Registry Permission Group Application” to return.
6. Click the check boxes in the “General Assurances” box. This is acknowledgment that you agree to the terms.
7. Submit the application!

Facility & Legal Entity Admin Policies & Procedures v. 2.1
Accessing the PA Key Professional Development Plan Compliance Report 
Accessing Staff Transcript Reports 
Purchasing Course Catalog Credit for Staff

Additional Resources
An Intro Guide to the PD Registry 
Tips to Encourage Staff Use of New Technology
Scheduling Director Instructor Instances for Staff
Federal Health and Safety Courses Infographic

Still have questions? Contact us at www.Registry@pakeys.org

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